Thursday, December 2, 2010


Less than a month ago, it was still more or less summer- the sun was shining and I was riding my bike everyday... that however, changed very quickly.  One night the weather in Utah decided it was time for winter, flipped the switch, and it has been puking snow almost nonstop ever since.  We just barely finished up the month of November, and already have a 64" settled base and a 140" of total snowfall for the season.  The snow has finally taken a break for a couple days, and I am finally catching my breath from the extended powder feeding frenzy.  Here are a few photos from the Turkey Day weekend to recap the gluttonous gobbling of frozen fluffy stuff from the sky:
Fresh turns at sunrise on a Thanksgiving tour.
Photo by Jay Beyer

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner by skiing myself into a nice caloric deficit.
Photo By Jay Beyer

Hiking for some leftover goodies at Brighton with Eric Balken
Photo by Chris "Shifty" Shifrar

It's nice to be able to get a healthy bit of space between your skis and the snow before December.
Photo by Chris "Shifty" Shifrar

Early season Brighton pillows
Photo by Chris "Shifty" Shifrar

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