Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Teton Trip

It's been a while since I've done any bloggin' and updated this silly little thing, but that is primarily because it was snowing in obscene quantities for a little while here in Utah, and I have only recently taken my mind off of snow for long enough to get on here and write about... well, umm... snow.
During the whole powder frenzy I spent a lot of time out and about with my friend, including the guys from Sweetgrass. Some of our escapades can be found on their blog.  (This was one of my favorite days out in wolverine cirque: )
 Anyway, that was then, this is now, and unfortunately the firehose of snow had to shut off and the powder feast had come to an end for a little while.  Last week it was raining in Utah, so I jumped in the car with Balken and Asa for the weekend in hopes of finding better snow in the Tetons.  We most certainly did, and had a blast skiing pow and exploring Targhee and Teton Pass for a couple of days.  Here's a mini edit from the shots gathered on the handful of times we pulled the GoPro cameras out of our pockets during the trip.  Enjoy!

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