Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late Season Snow

Sunrise over an empty Brighton

Spring time is awesome in Utah.  Down in the valley it's sunny and warm... perfect for mountianbiking, climbing, hiking, or any other summertime outdoor activity.   In the mountains, however, the snowpack is as deep as ever, and winter storms continue to roll through and drops copious amounts of snow through April and well into May.  Despite the continued snow up high, the Wasatch gets noticeably emptier in the spring, as many of the ski areas have closed and much of the usual crowds have mostly given up on skiing for the winter and moved on to their warmer weather work and activities.

For those who keeps skiing into spring, this is often the best time to get out and ride.  It often feels like you have the mountain to yourself- no traffic to fight or powder-panicked crowds to race... but with deep, wintery snow to top it off. What could be better?
Eric Balken and I spent a couple of deep days skiing around Brighton after they closed for the year.  Enjoy!  (but don't get too dizzy from the POV footage)

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