Friday, October 29, 2010


So, this past summer I spent a month down in Argentina hiking around and skiing with the guys from Sweetgrass Productions for their new film, "Los Andes."

I finally managed to take a look at the small amount of POV footage that I collected myself on the trip and make a micro edit out of it.  For some reason I only remembered to both charge and turn on my camera a couple of times during the trip... I know it's not much and it's a little late, but hopefully it is somewhat entertaining, and only mildly dizzying. Enjoy!

A Taste of Argentina from Carston Oliver on Vimeo.

Thanks go out to the whole crew I went down there with and all the friends I met along the way.  It was truly an incredible experience, and I hope to go back soon.  A couple photos from the trip can be seen in a small gallery over on Skiing Mag

Photo by Michael Brown

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

City Bikin'

I have started to filter through the piles of random GoPro footage that I have accumulated over the last year, and make some mini edits from it, simply to satisfy occasional boredom and brush up my video editing skills (or lack there-of).  Here is a little compilation of many of the random hits, jumps, ledges, etc. that tend to distract and entertain me while I am running errands or otherwise biking around town.