Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Utah Pow with Salomon Freeski TV

Last year was an incredible season, and it's kind of crazy watching this powder filled little piece by the boys at Sweetgrass Productions that was filmed at about this time of year last winter, when we only have a 29" base this year.  It features lots of good times and friends shredding around Alta and Brighton, and even though there isn't anywhere near that much snow now, it's still lots of fun out there and this vid got me even more stoked for when the snow finally decides to come this year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Squishy Biking Fall Fun Times

I have spent a lot of time riding my bike this summer and fall.  Steve Lloyd just put together a rad mini edit of some evening riding this fall.  It was tons of fun and I can't wait to do some more.  Enjoy!

Carston Oliver I street special from steven lloyd on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spicy Magic Sauce

The seasons are changing and winter is pounding on the door, so I've been cooking up some fresh batches of tasty rocket fuel to help keep me warm.

Fresh bottle of Spicy Magic Sauce, surrounded by its contents
It's been a long time since I've posted anything as I nearly forgot I had this blog going, but stay tuned.  I'll probably be cooking up a recap or two of more enjoyable happenings from the summer, as well as getting myself into all sorts of wintery fun times as the snow starts to pile up.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late Season Snow

Sunrise over an empty Brighton

Spring time is awesome in Utah.  Down in the valley it's sunny and warm... perfect for mountianbiking, climbing, hiking, or any other summertime outdoor activity.   In the mountains, however, the snowpack is as deep as ever, and winter storms continue to roll through and drops copious amounts of snow through April and well into May.  Despite the continued snow up high, the Wasatch gets noticeably emptier in the spring, as many of the ski areas have closed and much of the usual crowds have mostly given up on skiing for the winter and moved on to their warmer weather work and activities.

For those who keeps skiing into spring, this is often the best time to get out and ride.  It often feels like you have the mountain to yourself- no traffic to fight or powder-panicked crowds to race... but with deep, wintery snow to top it off. What could be better?
Eric Balken and I spent a couple of deep days skiing around Brighton after they closed for the year.  Enjoy!  (but don't get too dizzy from the POV footage)

Friday, February 25, 2011

On The Road with Solitaire Episode 1

The first of a twelve part webisode series from the boys at Sweetgrass Productions, following the making of their new film project, Solitaire.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ski Salt Lake Shootout

Last week I was fortunate enough to be an athlete in the Ski Salt Lake Shootout.  This is a week-long photo contests that takes eight pro photographers, pairs them each with three athletes, and then unleashes them upon the four cottonwood canyon resorts outside of Salt Lake City for an all out photo frenzy.  Each team gets one day at each of the ski areas, and then submits a portfolio of the best two images from each day at the end of the contest.
I was placed on a team with Lee Cohen (photographer), Pip Hunt (skier), and Tony Pavlantos (snowboarder).  The night before the contest it snowed 16 inches, and then went blue for the rest of the week- perfect conditions to get some incredible photos.  We took full advantage of this- maximizing our days with early mornings and long days of skiing and hiking in and around Snowbird, Solitude, Alta, and Brighton.  The crew worked together really well, and we definitely came away from the week with some incredible images, but so did of the other teams.  Our portfolio didn't end up placing, but we did win the bonus "Urban Meets Mountain" category, and we still have this image from a jump outside of Solitude in the running for the Facebook Favorite section of the contest:
Corked 720 at Twin Lakes Pass, photo by Lee Cohen
Help us out by voting for it here: http://www.facebook.com/VisitSaltLake?v=app_7146470109

Also, here is slide show of the final images from all eight photographers.  I would hate to have had the job of judging this thing, because all of the the photos entered were amazing.

Powder Magazine also has a gallery of some more of the photos here

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Teton Trip

It's been a while since I've done any bloggin' and updated this silly little thing, but that is primarily because it was snowing in obscene quantities for a little while here in Utah, and I have only recently taken my mind off of snow for long enough to get on here and write about... well, umm... snow.
During the whole powder frenzy I spent a lot of time out and about with my friend, including the guys from Sweetgrass. Some of our escapades can be found on their blog.  (This was one of my favorite days out in wolverine cirque: http://sweetgrass-productions.com/blog/?p=1411 )
 Anyway, that was then, this is now, and unfortunately the firehose of snow had to shut off and the powder feast had come to an end for a little while.  Last week it was raining in Utah, so I jumped in the car with Balken and Asa for the weekend in hopes of finding better snow in the Tetons.  We most certainly did, and had a blast skiing pow and exploring Targhee and Teton Pass for a couple of days.  Here's a mini edit from the shots gathered on the handful of times we pulled the GoPro cameras out of our pockets during the trip.  Enjoy!